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Almonds & Chocolate: Hitting the Sweet and Savoury Spots

The Perfect Pairing


Ingredient that global consumers include in their “ideal” chocolate product since 2008.


of consumers find chocolate with almonds tastier.


of consumers feel that chocolate with almonds is more nutritious than chocolate made with other nuts.


among nuts for nutrition and crunch inconsumers’ ideal chocolate products.

Tackling Taste and Texture.

Consumers’ top three texture choices in chocolate are “smooth”, “crunchy” and “creamy”. Bolster chocolate’s indulgence factor and expand flavour profiles with more than 15 versatile forms ranging from almond butter to whole roasted almonds.

Meeting Consumer Nutrition Needs

Chocolate innovation continues to follow a holistic “better-for-you” approach to answer consumers’ wish to eat more healthfully. California almonds are a natural ingredient offering protein (6g), fibre (4g), and calcium (75mg) in every serving.