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A Handful of Almonds for Mindful Eating and Prioritizing Family Health


Bhubaneswar, 17th November 2022: With an aim to educate consumers on the importance of mindful eating, Almond Board of California, today, hosted a session around ‘Prioritising mindful eating: the new mantra for holistic family health’. The discussion focused on the importance of eating healthy foods to ensure holistic health for our families and us. The session featured well-known Odiya Celebrity, Naina Dash Tiwari, as well as Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head, Dietetics, Max Healthcare - Delhi, and was moderated by RJ Shelee.

In the fast-paced lifestyle we live in, we often see people binge eating sometimes due to work stress, sometimes due to the way consumption patterns have been since ages, and sometimes it is just habitual. Intake of calorie-dense foods like sweets and sugar-based foods is also a routine when it comes to certain delicacies or occasions. Hence, mindful eating becomes even more necessary as it aids in gaining control over one’s eating habits. Mindful eating helps in maintaining an in-moment awareness while consuming food. Foods such as almonds have been a part of the Indian traditions and food habits for thousands of years now, and their health benefits have been widely quoted in Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha texts. However, a lesser-known fact of almonds is that a handful of almonds may have satiating properties that promote feelings of fullness, which may keep hunger at bay between meals1. Snacking on healthy foods like almonds not only keeps us from munching on junk foods but also ensures that our body gets nutrition, as almonds are a source of 15 nutrients such as vitamin E, magnesium, protein, riboflavin, zinc, etc.

Speaking about the benefits of regular almond consumption, the panellists spoke about how almonds, which are a source of protein and are high in dietary fiber, can help in maintaining  blood sugar levels, may improve blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes and help lower the blood sugar impact of carbohydrate foods, which affects fasting insulin levels2. Nutrients like zinc, folate and iron, that are present in almonds and other foods, contribute to normal functioning of the immune system.  Focusing on the significance of healthy eating, the panellists discussed the multiple lifestyle disorders like weight management, type-2 diabetes and heart health, and that making minor alterations like adding a handful of almonds as part of one’s daily routine can easily help in maintaining good health, and in staying fit consistently. Through the session, the panellists also urged families across the city to inculcate healthier eating habits and inspire other friends and extended family members to instil this change. During the discussion, both panellists also shared anecdotes from their personal lives, how they also consume almonds through festive almond dessert recipes, as well as suggestions for dietary and lifestyle adjustments that families can make towards a holistic health

Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head, Dietetics, Max Healthcare - Delhi, said, “Awareness of good food choices and snacking habits is key to leading a healthy lifestyle. Studies suggest that intervention techniques that enhance mindful self-awareness improve well-being, including anxiety and depression, food cravings, and weight loss3. A study conducted by the researchers at King’s College London found that almond snacking led to improved heart rate variability in response to mental stress. My top recommendation for mindful snacking is to include nutrient-rich foods like  almonds, a variety of fruits, and vegetables. Almonds are a source of nutrients such as protein, vitamin E, magnesium, riboflavin, zinc etc., and are known to provide energy through good fats, which makes them a healthy yet tasty treat4.”

Renowned Odiya Celebrity, Naina Dash Tiwari said, “For the health of your family and yourself, one must be cognisant of the kind of lifestyle and eating habits that we practice at home. Any habit that does not add up to your health goals must be avoided and even better, be replaced by something healthy or nutritious. For instance, when I leave for my shoots, I make sure to keep a small tin of almonds in my handbag as they are convenient to store and carry. I also pack a handful of almonds along with some fruits in my son’s lunch box, which he can easily consume during breaks. The reason why my family and I prefer to eat almonds regularly is because almonds are known to have satiating properties and keep us full for a long time. It also helps us to keep a check on mid-meal hunger and at the same time remain energetic through the day. Hence, I would recommend everyone to ensure eating a handful of almonds regularly so that even you are able to reap their several health benefits.”

Although habits are hard to break, modifying dietary habits and making corrective lifestyle adjustments is one of the best ways for families to ensure holistic health in the long term. Besides feeling lighter and energetic, a healthy lifestyle sustained over time will also help in reducing the risk of chronic and lifestyle diseases, which are on the rise in India.  Small dietary and lifestyle changes like incorporating nutritious foods such as a handful of almonds everyday, can make a healthy difference to our lives.

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