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The Splendor of Protein Rich Foods
Healthy food is an indispensable part of our life. To grow and develop we need different types of nutrients for the body like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Of these, proteins are probably the most important as they are the building blocks of our body. They make up about 15% of our body mass. We must therefore ensure that we get adequate supply this by consuming various protein rich foods.
Almonds – the King of Dry Fruits
Almonds are the most popular nuts or dry fruits known for their versatility and health benefits. It was originally grown in Western Asia and Southern Europe. It has been part of the life and culture of people through the ages. But it was brought to North America by Spanish missionaries. Today, the United States produces 83 percent of the world's almonds and is the world’s largest supplier of almonds. 
Serve your kids with Almond’s healthy breakfast
Of course being a mother, you mostly deem to serve the best nutrition for your child’s health. It is extremely required for your growing child to grasp the healthy nutrients available in foods. This can be exhausting for the mothers who are already struggling with their kid’s tantrums for avoiding the healthy breakfast. They always research to serve healthy food for kids to brace the health and fulfill the needs of nutrition.
Delicious and Easy Snacks Containing Almonds 
High in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins, almonds are agift for us from nature. It gives us healthy tiffin recipes options to make salads, smoothies, and easy snacks. Come indulge your taste buds in a few nutritious and tasty almond dishes you can make in your home. A handful (30 grams/23 almonds) with any seasoning makes a delicious snack option.
Spice up Your Balanced Diet with Delicious Almonds
Vegetables and fruits helps balance your diet. A handful of almonds (30 grams/23 almonds) gives weight-reducing properties and adds to heart health. According to the diet chart, adding almonds will help you get healthy fat, fiber (12.5 grams in a handful of almonds), protein (35% of daily requirement), Vitamin E (256%), calcium (45%), phosphorus (80%), copper (52%), iron (26%), and magnesium (79%) .
Exploring the Mastery of diabetes diet Food for Individual Needs 
A lot of people get affected by the type one and type two diabetes and has a blood sugar problem. You could easily find the cases of obesity and diagnosed pre-diabetes symptoms. It has now become important to understand the mastery of diabetes diet that will be helpful in controlling blood sugar level, weight and improves the rate of metabolism.
Importance of Fibre Rich Food for a Healthy Life 
A balanced diet is essential for growth and development and overall health. The importance of fibre in our diet is equally important though many don’t realize this. The term fibre refers to the carbohydrates from plants which are not digested at all. Yet, fibre rich food needs to be part of our diet.
Better Living with Controlled Cholesterol Diet
Cholesterol is a greasy substance present in the fats in our blood. It is required to build healthy cells in our body, but having a high proportion of the harmful kind of cholesterol can raise the risk of heart diseases. In fact, there are two forms of cholesterol, the good variety - HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) and the bad type - LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein). The right cholesterol diet aims to increase the HDL and decrease the LDL in the body to ensure good health.
Sustainable and Nutritional Indian snack recipes in good varieties 
The raw and roasted crunchy almond can be the star of the evening snacks. There are a lot of varieties which comes in different size and shape. The almondgrows all over the world and playsa great rolewhen comes to health. When the almondis tossed in the salad, they are healthy diet food and keeps the appetite satisfied for longer. It is considered as an energy fuel that can keep you going through until the dinnertime.
Health tips for a healthy and enriched life 
To stay full of energy throughout the day, your diet must include food stuffs that keeps you all hyped up by the night. A lack of energy giving foods in your diet ultimately leads to lack of energy in the body. And if your body lacks energy, you tend to be less productive and slow. Thus the quantity and quality of food that you eat plays a vital role in determining the energy content of your body for a day. Though your diet should contain a little bit of every diet of food to keep it balanced, a little more of energy giving foods will only prove to be beneficial.
How eating almond benefits your health
Almonds or badam as it is known in most Indian languages is one of the dry fruits that are rich in nutrients and also has great health benefits. The almond benefits for your health are numerous. Eating almonds daily is great for your health and provides numerous benefits. The health tips to improve your overall health is presented in this article.
Almonds a great protein rich food to include in your diet
Almonds are nuts that were earlier cultivated in the Mediterranean area. Now however it is grown and consumed all over the world. It is a great protein rich food that offers great health benefits. It is a nutritious food item that you can eat as a snack and improve your health. It is one of the high fibre foodsas well as high protein foodsthat you can consume to add fibreand protein to your daily diet.
Should you Incorporate Almonds in Snack Recipes ?
The best food for the brain and a powerhouse of essential nutrients, almonds are a nature’s blessing for us. Most of us munch on almonds occasionally and only during festivities, but we forget that almonds should be incorporated in our daily diet because of the innumerable benefits they have on our body and mind.
Why are Almonds known as the Perfect Energy Giving Foods?
Almonds have held a high and important place in Indian food items since time immemorial. They are considered healthy and rich and hence are often gifted to near and dear ones during important occasions and festivals. These tree nuts are the best energy giving foods because of a number of health benefits:
Almonds – An Essential Component of Diabetes Diet
One of the most healthy and popular nuts or dry fruit is almonds. They are valued for multiple health benefits. They are highly nutritious and rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are in fact a source of 15 essential nutrients. We should make it a habit to include almonds in our meals and as ready Tiffin recipes for boosting good health.
Almonds – An Essential Part of a Balanced Diet
Almonds are probably the most popular and wholesome nuts or dry fruit with wide use and numerous health benefits. It should be a natural part of any balanced diet and healthy food for kids. Almond was initially grown in Western Asia and Southern Europe. It has been an integral part of the life and culture and food habits of people for centuries.