Beat the Wedding Stress
It’s the marriage season all around us and even our Bollywood stars have given in to the trend. So while attending a wedding or getting married, beware of stress and weight gain getting the better of you! Don’t wait for your favourite celebrities to share their perfect wedding picture, instead flaunt one of yours and give them some competition, by coping well with the help of some of these stress buster tips!
Celebrating the Festival of Lights with Almonds
Diwali is an Indian festival with strong spiritual connections. It signifies an auspicious start to the year with the hope of success, wealth and prosperity for the entire family. The celebration of the festival entails lengthy preparations which start many days before the festive day, such as renovation of the house and selection of gifts and clothes.
A Perfect nutrition fix to beat the exam blues
When you are studying for your exams, good nutrition often is the lowest on the priority list. It is extremely convenient to get into the habit of ordering food, or consuming coffee, tea or cola because you don’t want to waste the limited time available on preparing food. But, do you know that good nutrition should be an integral part of your study plan? Your brain needs good fuel to ace those tests.
7 Tips for a fitter 2017
The New Year is here, which brings new hopes, goals and aspirations. We analyze what we did right or wrong last year and accordingly make changes. It gives us a fresh perspective to life and nudges us to do things better. One thought that is constant amongst everyone, is the need to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Delightful DIwali Gift Ideas
With Diwali round the corner and the limitless number of relatives and friends we have to visit, it is often difficult to decide on that perfect gift for your loved ones. The challenge lies in deciding whether to give something that is thoughtful yet trendy. With increased focus on lifestyle and wellness, gifts have gone through a revolutionized change from the usual heavy on sugar laden sweets to something healthy.
A Summer of great health
With summer in full swing, you and your family need all the energy you can get. In what will be a very active summer holiday period, your children will need the energy to match their excitement. Enrich their learning experience and power you and your family’s summers with the benefits of almonds. A source of energy and nutrition, enjoy these tree nuts whole or as an ingredient in a variety of easy to make snacks.
Pop it Like it’s Hot
These icy summer treats are a perfect snack or dessert for any occasion. Fruity, creamy, and occasionally indulgent, these pops are delicious, refreshing and fun to make—and eat! They’re a dairy-free sweet treat you’ll want to snack on all year long.
Celebrating World Health Day: One Handful At A Time
From friends to family, as children as children or adults - we all hear about almonds being a healthy snack. But what could make generations of people around the world turn to almonds when looking for a source of good health? This world health Day, let us take a closer look at almonds, and the host of benefits they bring to the table.
Start Snacking with Almonds
We all love our almonds and know that snacking smart with this incredibly healthy nut is a great way to start leading a healthy lifestyle since almonds contain the essential nutrients that ensure a wholesome, healthy and successful life.
10 Tips for Fun and Frolic Holi
Holi marks the arrival of spring, a season of hope and myriad colours, good harvests and fertile land. Geysers of colours erupt in the air, the atmosphere is filled with energy, young and old can be seen dousing each other with colours and coloured water, and immersing themselves in masti and maza (fun).
It's Crunch Time - Time To Ace Those Exams
Exams are a taxing and stressful affair. There is pressure to succeed, things to remember and understand, disturbed sleep cycles and more often than not; health takes a back seat. With numerous nutritional benefits, almonds can help ensure that one stays in good health throughout a busy exam schedule.
New Year's Resolutions That Will Keep You Fit and Healthy
As we bid goodbye to 2015 and race towards 2016, the New Year brings new hope in to our lives - a hope that our lives will change for the better. It is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. A time when we promise to let go of undesirable habits and do all things right.
Gift of good health
In India, festivals are a time when families come together and celebrate on a grand scale. It is also a time when people exchange gifts as a way to send each other good wishes. With their numerous nutrition benefits, almonds make for the perfect gift for your close ones. So this Diwali, give your loved ones the gift of good health and show them how much you care.