The Almond Board of California India Program unveiled a new campaign “Tomorrow Begins Today” in December 2014. The idea driving this campaign is one of Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, is what keeps us pushing harder, today.

As a part of the campaign, three broadcast films were created, with each being centered on the theme – ‘how success is achieved’. This takes us through our protagonist’s life, and how having almonds everyday plays an important role in this.
Mother Child
The first film takes us through the growing years of Riya’s life from a bright young child winning a trophy at badminton to the stressful examination times, till she successfully graduates, all with her mother’s support and a handful of almonds by her side.

Working Man
The second film tells us the story of Rohit, a bright young man who impresses everyone at his job interview. He ultimately finds success in the big corner office and has a happy family life. Almonds are a constant companion through the various stages of success in his life.

Working Women
The third film tells us the story of Priya, a young woman who manages her job and her family life successfully. We see how after getting married, Priya takes time out to do power yoga with her mother-in-law, while she successfully manages her hectic work days leading to a promotion at work. Almonds play a big role in helping her power through each day.