With summer in full swing, you and your family need all the energy you can get. In what will be a very active summer holiday period, your children will need the energy to match their excitement. Enrich their learning experience and power you and your family’s summers with the benefits of almonds. A source of energy and nutrition, enjoy these tree nuts whole or as an ingredient in a variety of easy to make snacks.


When You Have the Right Start

With summer holidays in full swing, your children are ready to meet each day with a new level of excitement. You have to make sure that they have the energy to back their youthful enthusiasm on any given day. Why not help them get through their activity-packed routine with a handful of delicious almonds? Crunchy and natural, these energy-packed nutritious nuts can be enjoyed first thing in the morning.

When You Are Put to a Test

As the first set of unit tests kick in, it is time for your children to excel and conquer new frontiers of learning. Feeding their curiosity and their constant need to learn requires them to be focused and determined while they accept every challenge. It is you who keeps their spirits high as they get busy setting goals of their own. At times like these, health has a big role to play. A new study published in Nutrition Research found that adding a moderate amount of almonds to the family diet (1.5 servings or about 42 grams/day of whole almonds or almond butter for parents, 0.5 serving which is about 14 grams/day for children) significantly improved overall diet quality as indicated by increased Healthy Eating Index Scores, a standard measure of adherence to recommended dietary guidance in the U.S.*

When They Have Fun Under the Sun

Sunny summers bring in the excitement of having fun outdoors. Surprise your children with a glass of ice-cold almond milkshake that is as nutritious as it is tasty. Filled with healthy and natural almonds, this summer time delight is a perfect way to cool them down when they are back from school or their evening session of play. Rich in protein and vitamin E, almonds can be included in a number of snacks to keep away those hunger pangs.

When Every Day Has to Get Better

The best of everything is what you always want for your children, health being one of them. High in protein and fiber, almonds contribute taste, crunch and nutrition to a healthy diet. Having a handful or about 30 grams a day is a good way to enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of almonds. As each day passes, you and your children take step after step towards being better. These healthy bite-sized nuts are a habit you would want your children to keep while they journey through life and make their dreams come true. Because developing healthy habits today can help your loved ones become the shining stars of tomorrow.