Handful of Almonds, The Perfect Portion of Almonds“The Morning Ritual”

Ready to leave home for office/college or drop the kids to school? Grab a handful of these crunchy almonds to kick-start your morning and also munch through the day.

“Change the monotonous breakfast routine”

Take your morning breakfast from “glum” to “yum” by sprinkling some crunchy almonds. Whole, slivered, sliced — any form will do. Adding badam makes for a healthy breakfast.

“The Bumper to Bumper Rush”

Snack on a handful of almonds in the car on your way to work to curb the hunger pangs as you take on the day (and the maddening traffic).

“The Mid-Morning Snack Cravings”

Beat the mid-morning hunger pangs with healthy and nutritious almonds instead of unhealthy snacks. Just keep a jar in your desk drawer for easy access.

“The Salad Plus-Up”

In addition to being crunchy and refreshing, salads are also a delight for every fitness freak and a best friend for every health conscious individual. Just a tinge of that light, buttery, nutty flavour of almonds over your favorite greens and veggies will make your salad an absolute treat!

“The Chip Switch”

Trade in your chips for a handful of savoury flavoured almonds like Anardana Churan Roasted Almonds or Sweet-Chilli almonds.

“The Afternoon Lull”

Instead of munching on unhealthy snacks, grab a handful of almonds to power you through those hours before your next meal.

“The Multi-Tasking Mother”

Running errands, cooking and shuttling the children around can really work up an appetite. Keep a stash of almonds in your purse to kick those on-the-go hunger pangs.

“Mix It Up”

If you like a variety of textures in a snack, make your own perfect combination with almonds as part of the mix. Chocolate Chips, fresh fruits, coconut shavings — get creative.