Simple Snack Ideas

Treat yourself: mix a handful of almonds with dark chocolate for a more indulgent snack that you can still feel good about.
A satisfying and crunchy snack for any time of day. Grab a handful of almonds and mix with your favorite vegetable crisps.
Tickle your taste buds with a kick of whole almonds and zesty ras-el-hanout/orange seasoning.
Kick it up a notch with a handful of spicy Peri-peri or Cajun-seasoned almonds.
Indulge in the sweet decadence of whole almonds glazed with honey and sesame seeds – no guilt here!
Wake up those taste buds with whole almonds and a mixture of soy sauce and wasabi paste.
Satisfy cravings with a handful of whole roasted almonds and popcorn. To kick it up a notch, try adding flavored almonds.
Here's a tasty snack you can feel good about . Add fruit and sliced almonds to your Greek yogurt.
Whole natural almonds are tossed in olive oil, cumin and garlic powder, then baked and infused with freshly grated lime zest. Try sweet, fruity wines...
Almonds + Grapes + Blueberries. A sweet and portable snack that fits conveniently in your bag.