Introducing Almonds


Almonds are nuts that were earlier cultivated in the Mediterranean area. Now however it is grown and consumed all over the world. It is a great protein rich food that offers great health benefits. It is a nutritious food item that you can eat as a snack and improve your health. It is one of the high fibre foodsas well as high protein foodsthat you can consume to add fibreand protein to your daily diet.



Nutritional benefits of almonds


Let’s take a look at how eating almonds daily can add nutrients and give you great benefits.


100g of almonds has 579 calories that fill you with energy to last you through the day. It has 19% saturated fat. It has 7% carbohydrate and is thus a low-carb food. Though it has more calories, it has few carbs and you will not put on weight when you eat this best of high protein foods.   


It has 52% fibre content, making it one of the great high fibre foods, that provides super health benefits. Its protein content is 42% and it is a protein rich food. It also has 27% calcium and 21% iron. 


Because of its richness of proteins and fibre, it is highly nutritious, which is why you must have atleast a handful of almonds once a day as a snack. This helps you get all the nutrition benefits that this wonderful protein rich foodhas to offer.Almonds is without doubt, a great nutrition product.



Great Benefits of Almonds


The body needs fibres to help in easy digestion. Consuming high fibre foods like almonds is definitely beneficial. Similarly, proteins are the building blocks of the body. You need proteins to also help you lose weight. When you daily eat almonds, the best of high protein foods, it acts as a high energy snack that is filling and yet does not contribute to weight gain. Instead, it has great health benefits to offer. outlines health benefits of almonds. A daily serving of almonds is recommended for the entire family, right from children to the aged. Almonds are good for your heart, it is rich in nutrients with high levels of protein and fibre. It has anti-oxidants that provide an anti-aging effect. No wonder, almonds are a true wonder food that helps the entire family to succeed.