Dry Fruits are known as one of the best things for a healthy body and brain. Eating dry fruits like Almonds (Badam), Cashews, dates, etc have various positive effects on our overall health levels. For people of all the ages, dry fruits are good to have any time in their daily routines. You just have to ensure that you are taking them on a daily basis. Once you adopt this habit, your energy levels will increase automatically. The doctors also prefer dry fruits to patients suffering from various problems. So, we will know some health tips in this article. We will know the health benefits of some dry fruits which are easily available in the markets.





When we talk about the dry fruits, Almonds comes into mind in the first place. This amazing dry fruit is also known as Badam. Various almond benefits are as follows or you can also check other details about Almonds on almonds.in.
Helps to reduce heart diseases
Almonds are good for kids health
They help manage excessive weight
Almonds are enriched with proteins and fibres.





Walnuts also give our bodies various good nutrition. Used in various forms, the walnuts promotes a healthy body by giving these benefits to our bodies.
Fights cancer
Good food for hair and skin
Promotes brain health





This is a wonderful orange coloured dry fruit which gives a lot of health benefits to us. Apricots are loaded with Vitamin A which enhance our vision. Other various health benefits of Apricots are as follows:
They improve our immune system
Good for eyes
Promote healthy bones and skin
Full of antioxidants
Full of iron content





The date is a highly iron-rich dry fruit which helps our body to produce healthy blood cells. Also, it is delicious and filled with lots of natural sugar. It is in our list of health tips because of below reasons:
Dates promote digestion
They boost energy





Cashew is another tasty and healthy dry fruit. This amazing dry fruit can be used for various purposes. From making desserts to smoothies, Cashews are good to have lots of benefits for our body.
Full of Protein
They boost the immune system
They have zero cholesterol
After knowing these amazing health tips and almond benefits, you should think about adding in your daily meals.