Gift of good health

In India, festivals are a time when families come together and celebrate on a grand scale. It is also a time when people exchange gifts as a way to send each other good wishes. With their numerous nutrition benefits, badam make for the perfect gift for your close ones. So this Diwali, give your loved ones the gift of good health and show them how much you care.

A handful of tradition
for a healthier tomorrow

Festivals are a time when you get to share moments and truly create memories with your family. It is also the best time to show them how much they mean to you. Is there any better way to show your love than by giving a gift that’s filled with the goodness of Mother Nature? An extremely thoughtful gift, almonds contain a mix of nutrition, rich flavour and crunch that make any celebration special.

Because Temptation Can Strike Anywhere

Come Diwali, temptations fill every corner of the house, which makes indulging in them hard to avoid. Roasted or honey glazed, almonds are a tasty snack and offer a guilt-free way out of feasting during festivities. A study published in January 2015 in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that participants who snacked on almonds instead of muffins, in addition to significantly improving LDL (bad) cholesterol, also reduced abdominal (belly) fat and waist circumference, all well-established heart disease risk factors.*

Because it’s a Tradition of Good Health

Amongst all the Diwali presents you and your loved ones exchange, the ones that carry the promise of good health and wellbeing are the most cherished. Gifts that carry so much meaning are welcome, not only during Diwali, but at any time of the year.

Because a Healthy Tomorrow Starts Today

Almonds have been an age-old method of sharing good health and showing love. What makes the gift of almonds even more special is how nutritious they are. High in vitamin E and a source of magnesium, almonds are a healthy snack for the entire family. So start by sharing a handful of almonds this festive season for a better tomorrow, today

*For more details on this study, please visit:

As opposed to what one would assume, one handful can actually hold up to about 23 almonds. It is also the recommended daily portion size for this nut of good health.

These 23 almonds are powerful enough to provide many essential nutrients for a wholesome, healthy and successful life.

Hence, this Diwali, we bring to you 23 tips for a fun filled festive season.