Protein Up Your Diet – Include Almonds!


Have a Healthy Breakfast – Well Begun Is Half Done!

Following are some benefits of including almonds in your morning meal for making a healthy breakfast:


Almonds Constitute Healthy Food for Kids

Almonds can be called the “potatoes of nuts,” because of their adaptability. The journey of the almonds to be the most healthy breakfast food can be traced down in the Middle East and South Asia. Quite surprisingly; in present times, the USA is the biggest manufacturer of almonds in the world. Have you ever thought that why almonds became so popular in the USA? The primary reason behind this popularity can be contributed to the fact that people in the USA are more nutrition conscious than ever. It is true that right now most of us living in other parts of the world consider the US as a country fighting against obesity. However, now they are now more fitness and nutrition conscious as ever; and this is why, they rate almonds in high regards, when it comes to healthy food for kids. 


Healthy Snack Recipes

Almonds are those healthy food for kids, which when included in your morning meal constitute for a healthy breakfast. Adding almonds to your regular snacks can make wonderful snack recipes, which are tasty and healthy at the same time. 


The Adaptability of Almonds Is Very High as Compared to Other Nuts

The food historians associated with the knowledge pool of discovered that almond has medicinal value in the ancient system of Indian Ayurveda. In general, we can divide the medicines of Ayurveda into two broad categories. First, we have the hard-core medicines to cure serious ailments; and second, we have the soft medicines supporting the nutrition and other conditions. Almond can act as a versatile ingredient; for instance, let's think about some Indian recipes with milk and almond. An almond shake is just apt to bring down the heat of the summers; and at the same time, almond and saffron milk can kill the impact of chilly winters. Most of the other nuts have their limitations when we treat them as a part of Indian recipes. Cashew or cashew paste can be added as flair of taste in the snack recipes; but it can never become a base of Indian recipes if you are planning them for the months of summers.  


Indian Culinary Art Is in Synch with Extreme Weathers!

With the passage of time, food historians working with us explored some interesting facts about the almond in its Indian context. The versatility of almond makes it an all-season nut in India where the northern part of the country faces extreme weathers. In fact, when we check the culinary history of India, we find that, almond plays an important role in most of the cuisines. As a food historian, we can safely assume that they added a pinch or the paste of almonds in some of the most expensive dishes with an intention to add a nutritional value among them. When it comes to healthy breakfast, then again, we would like to mention the fact that almond is a part of Indian tradition. For instance, many houses across India have this tradition to offer almonds in the morning Bhog (foods offered to God during the morning prayers). As a tradition, it is necessary for each family member to have a bite of this bhog in the form of Prasadam. It is a kind of compulsory ritual for them. It means that they are adding almonds in their breakfast routine and making it a healthy breakfast. Anybody, who is into worshiping his body as a temple and seeking for right kind of nutrition by having a healthy breakfast, can also accommodate almonds in his morning meals.


Create healthy habits to create good health!