Health tips for a healthy and enriched life


To stay full of energy throughout the day, your diet must include food stuffs that keeps you all hyped up by the night. A lack of energy giving foods in your diet ultimately leads to lack of energy in the body. And if your body lacks energy, you tend to be less productive and slow. Thus the quantity and quality of food that you eat plays a vital role in determining the energy content of your body for a day. Though your diet should contain a little bit of every diet of food to keep it balanced, a little more of energy giving foods will only prove to be beneficial. So here is a list of energy giving foods along with some health tips for you to maintain a healthy life.


  • Banana: This fruit is available in almost all countries of the world. It contains carbohydrates and Vitamin B6 that boost your energy level. It is a much recommended energy giving food for athletes.
  • Brown rice: Brown Rice is a healthier substitute to your polished rice. It is less processed and more nutritious. It also has some fiber content that eases digestion and maintains the blood sugar level.
  • Sweet potatoes: They are delicious as well as nutritious. They have fiber and carbohydrates. So the health tips say that consume them to gain steady energy.
  • Coffee: Everyone knows that this beverage is an instant source of energy. The high caffeine content stimulates the brain and the body. People generally prefer coffee as it adds up only two calories to your body and provides instant energy.
  • Eggs: Eggs provide an essential fuel to boost up your day. They are a rich source of protein and are recommended even for sugar patients as it does not interferes with the blood sugar levels and insulin. According to the health tips, one egg should be included in your daily diet.
  • Apples: The health tips suggest consuming an apple on empty stomach. It aids digestion and acts as a steady source of energy.
  • Almonds: Almonds contain healthy fats that help your body in absorption of vitamins.  They are anti-oxidants, that is, they reduce the aging process.The low fat and high carbohydrate content assists in blood sugar level regulation, balancing cholesterol and blood pressure.  A handful of almonds may have satiating properties that promote feelings of fullness, which may keep hunger at bay between meals. For more information regarding the benefits of almonds and other energy giving foods, visit WWW.ALMONDS.IN.