Almonds – the King of Dry Fruits


Almonds are the most popular nuts or dry fruits known for their versatility and health benefits. It was originally grown in Western Asia and Southern Europe. It has been part of the life and culture of people through the ages. But it was brought to North America by Spanish missionaries. Today, the United States produces 83 percent of the world's almonds and is the world’s largest supplier of almonds. 



Uses of different forms of Almonds: 


Almonds, among various dry fruits, should be one of the healthiest parts of a nutritious diet and can be used in different forms. A few examples are:

  • The whole nut can be embedded or enrobed in chocolate and make an important ingredient in confectionery, energy bars and bakery products.
  • As slices or flakes, these are used as topping in salads, part of cereal, coating for savory dishes and for garnishing of baked items and desserts.
  • In diced or chopped from almonds are used as a topping for dairy items, baked goods, as coating for ice cream bars, filling for  confectionery and as a crust for seafood.
  • Almond milk can be used in cereal and coffee or blended with smoothies. Almond oil can be used as a salad dressing.


Almond Benefits: 


Almond benefits on our health are immense.

  • Heart Health: They are very good for our heart and keep it in sound state by maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and reducing the LDL.  
  • Weight Management: Since almonds have protein, fiber, good fats and offer a satisfying crunch, they form a smart snack option to keep away hunger and prevent eating unhealthy food. This leads to a natural weight loss. They also help prevent weight gain.
  • Disease control: The consumption of almonds reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's. For instance, almonds can lower the effect of blood sugar.
  • Source of energy: These are a delicious and healthy source of many natural nutrients and quick energy for the body throughout the day.
  • Source of nutrients: Almonds contain 15 nutrients including protein, fiber and vitamins.
  • Gallstones: The fat and fiber content in almonds can prevent gallstones.

Not only can the healthy fruit be used in your platter but it can also be gifted to your near and dear ones. So spread the world of happiness and prosperity by making it part of your daily life. To get a better insights into healthy foods visit WWW.ALMONDS.IN