Exams are a taxing and stressful affair. There is pressure to succeed, things to remember and understand, disturbed sleep cycles and more often than not; health takes a back seat. With numerous nutritional benefits, almonds can be healthy food for kids that help ensure that one stays in good health throughout a busy exam schedule. So, stay healthy and ace those exams!


For the Juggler in You

Being a working woman and a homemaker gets the best of you. Just when you think about kick-starting your well-planned day, chaos strikes out of nowhere. Right from tucking your child’s shirt just in time for the van to pick him up, to finding those important revision notes, the term ‘juggler’ has become your middle name. During this time-crunched phase, healthy snacking feels like a long-lost cousin. Eating right is important to embrace what the day has in store for you, so go ahead and have a handful of healthy and nutritious almonds in the morning, or snack on them through the day if you’d like.

For the Little Go-getters

Prepping for complicated papers can require your children to challenge themselves like never before, and you do whatever it takes to get them to newer heights. To keep up with that hectic exam schedule, the health of your child becomes extremely important. A handful of almonds can be a great addition to their daily diet. Healthy and salt-free almonds are a great snack to combat those sudden hunger pangs and help them be the best they can be.

For a Determined You

When exam stress calls out to your child, you are their strongest pillar. As their energy levels drain, their focus starts to wander to all the distractions that surround them today. Keeping them focused becomes your number one challenge. Keep your children energised and focused in this testing time. Give them a handful of energy filled almonds. High in protein, these tree nuts are healthy and make a great snack. Having a handful or about 30 grams a day is a good way to enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of almonds.

For a Healthier You

A new study published in Nutrition Research found that study participants who added a moderate amount of almonds to the family diet (1.5 servings which is about 42 grams/day of whole almonds or almond butter for parents, 0.5 serving which is about 14 grams/day for children) significantly improved overall diet quality and modulated intestinal microbiota composition*. As deadlines advance and your child’s exams are around the corner; these crunchy, nutritious and fibre-rich nuggets can be snacked upon at any time of the day, keeping both you and your little one energised for the challenge.

*Burns AM, Zitt MA, Rowe CC. Langkamp-Henken B, Volker M, Nieves Jr. C, Ukhanova M, Christman MC, Dahl WJ. Diet quality improves for parents and children when almonds are incorporated into their daily diet: a randomized, crossover study, Nutrition Research 2015;36(1):80-9


It's coming around to that time again - EXAMS! Nothing instills fear and anxiety in the minds of students like a big test. "Stress" can have an adverse effect on appetite and lead to excessive or binge eating among students. Here is an interaction with a well established nutritionist Dr. Ritika Sammadar, giving us healthy points and tips to curb those hunger pangs and excessive binge eating among students during exam preparations, in turn to inculcate a healthier diet.