Celebrating the Festival of Lights with Almonds

Diwali is an Indian festival with strong spiritual connections. It signifies an auspicious start to the year with the hope of success, wealth and prosperity for the entire family. The celebration of the festival entails lengthy preparations which start many days before the festive day, such as renovation of the house and selection of gifts and clothes. On the day of Diwali, prayers are offered to the Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, followed by the exchange of gifts among close friends and family. Celebrations finally culminate with lots of lights including tea lights, fireworks and enjoyment with close ones. Diwali is a joyous time of the year with the exchange of gifts only adding to the luster of its celebration.

Selection of gifts is a very important task which is undertaken by every household to spread the joy of the festive celebration. Traditionally, Almonds are packed in well decorated trays or boxes and gifted to close friends and family. To celebrate the spirit of Diwali, two films were created which explored different dimensions that typically exist in close relationships.

The first commercial portrays two co-workers and how their close friendship is brought to life by the little things they do for each other. Come Diwali, the two friends are filled with joy when exchanging gifts of almonds - a gift that is considered healthy, thoughtful and precious.


In the second commercial, we showcase a special relationship between a maternal aunt, or ‘maasi’ and her nephew. We see how they are each other’s playmates and support, helping and lifting each other throughout their lives. When the boy is grown and married, he comes to visit his maasi, with a gift of almonds, honoring the special bond that they share.