It’s the marriage season all around us and even our Bollywood stars have given in to the trend. So while attending a wedding or getting married, beware of stress and weight gain getting the better of you! Don’t wait for your favourite celebrities to share their perfect wedding picture, instead flaunt one of yours and give them some competition, by coping well with the help of some of these stress buster tips!

Start your day right

Begin your day with a peaceful start. Trying a quick 10-20 minutes of meditation is a perfect way to kick start your day. Have a good healthy breakfast with a handful of almonds to keep yourself energized throughout the day. Incorporating small changes in your life like eating a handful of almonds every day and working out regularly will help you maintain a healthy life.

Pack well

For the jet-setters, it's important that you pack well and eat well to look gorgeous on the wedding and ensure that you don’t land at the event with an upset stomach. Pack in that signature jewellery piece or a striking stole to make a statement as soon as you land at the event. Take care of your food cravings by packing a handful of almonds in a small convenient box, for you to munch on any time of the day to give you a much-needed source of energy.

Avoid those sinful desserts

We know that saying ‘NO’ is hard but this time you’ll have to. For most Indian weddings, food and especially desserts are the highlights. Preparations start well in advance, and the bride & groom are treated with them, well enough. I recommend you try indulge in healthier options instead. Even as the bride & groom, ask your relatives to treat you healthy with jaggery or some caramelized almonds instead of those fancy Indian mithais.

Hit the Dancefloor

Dance is one of the best ways to lose weight while you enjoy yourself the most. I suggest all brides who wish to lose some kilos for their wedding should practice for their sangeet ceremony & their wedding dance for at least an hour a day. Also, take to the dance floor, whenever you feel like. Look at Deepika dancing at her own mehendi, or Priyanka actively participating in her wedding functions. Burn some calories while you dance on the best days of your life!

Go nuts

Nuts are great for health. I suggest including almonds in your daily diet for a perfect long-term solution to healthy living. Keep away from all kinds of unhealthy food as you lead up to a wedding function. Snack smart as that is mostly when we slip on our diet routines. Snacking on almonds instead of consuming unwholesome snacks, can make a healthy difference to your lives. I remember ensuring Priyanka consumed a handful of almonds each day and that is a practice she follows to date.