The best food for the brain and a powerhouse of essential nutrients, almonds are a nature’s blessing for us. Most of us munch on almonds occasionally and only during festivities, but we forget that almonds should be incorporated in our daily diet because of the innumerable benefits they have on our body and mind.



Loaded with nutrients:


Almonds are loaded with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber, vitamin E and plenty other nutrients helpful for the healthy functioning of the human body. A handful of almonds per day help to reduce weight as they make you feeling fuller for a long time. They are highly beneficial in reducing bad cholesterol in the body thereby promoting heart health. Munching on almonds early in the morning makes you feel energetic the whole day. These are excellent for those suffering from diabetes as they help in reducing blood sugar levels. They are easy snack options for children as one can carry them everywhere.



How are almonds incorporated in snack recipes? 


A lot of Indian recipes and light snack recipes include almonds such a poha mixture, sev mixture and samosas. Indian recipes of Kheer, halwa and other sweets asol include almonds for garnishing. Almonds soaked in water overnight make an easy snack option for school going children and adults alike as they taste delicious. The famous Indian recipe of Badaam halva is not only delicious but also highly nutritious because it contains only almonds, ghee, sugar and mava. There are many snack recipes online too which require almonds as one of their ingredients. If you kids are fussy about munching on almonds, you should try and make such snack recipes so as to make them eat almonds.


With all the above mentioned benefits of munching on this easy snack, you should incorporate almonds in your daily diet. You should encourage your children and spouses to munch on 30 gm of almonds everyday in the morning. They make a better option with your morning tea or coffee instead of biscuits as they are healthier and also make you feel fuller for longer. You can buy premium quality of Californian almonds from stores and give the perfect gift of good health to your near and dear ones. Californian almonds are available at quite affordable rates. They are healthy, delicious, nutritious, filling and also a great option for festive gifts.