Almonds are probably the most popular and wholesome nuts or dry fruit with wide use and numerous health benefits. It should be a natural part of any balanced diet and healthy food for kids. Almond was initially grown in Western Asia and Southern Europe. It has been an integral part of the life and culture and food habits of people for centuries. 



Almonds as a Basic component of Healthy diet: 


Almonds can be made part of the daily meal for adults and healthy food for kids especially as part of a healthy breakfast in raw or roasted form and in various other forms. They can be made part of recipes to add nutrient value to healthy food for kids and a balanced diet for adults. 


Almond is made up of about 15 important nutrients like protein, fiber, good percentage of mono-saturated fats, vitamins E and B2 and useful minerals like manganese and magnesium. That accounts for the rich nutrient value of almond on a diet chart and its contribution to a healthy and balanced diet as found in a healthy breakfast. 



Health Benefits of Almonds: 


  • Weight Management:  Consuming just a handful of almonds gives you a feeling of fullness or satiation. This helps us to resist the temptation to eat between meals. This in turn prevents over-eating and chances of putting on weight. This benefit has been proved by a scientific study which shows that consuming 43 grams of roasted almonds daily can reduce hunger and check increase in body weight. 


  • Healthy Heart: Almonds help to lower total and LDL cholesterol (bad) if taken regularly. Risks of heart problems are thus reduced. Studies and related diet chart show that almonds we take in as part of a healthy breakfast and an ingredient of healthy food for kids, increase the level of vitamin E. This lowers the rate of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. 


  • Source of Energy: Since almonds are a natural source of many essential nutrients, having them as part of our snacks or other meal provides energy to carry on our daily activities efficiently. 


  • Diabetes Control: Consuming almonds help lower the blood sugar due to food rich in carbohydrates which affects fasting insulin levels. 






Almonds are crunchy and delicious nuts with immense health benefits. It should be made part of a healthy breakfast and other meals in order to have a balanced diet. We should also popularize its benefits and uses by gifting them to others at festive occasions. Thus we will be doing a great service to us and others to develop a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. 


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